Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nature Moment

We had a fun nature moment today. Actually, living out in the "country" we have them most days. They usually involve deer, bunnies, or a wide variety of cool birds -- all creatures we usually can't catch. But today we did manage to capture a turtle. We can move faster than they can (though you may be surprised at how fast they can move!). "Charlie," as Timmy named him, made a brief appearance in the house. The kids had high hopes of domesticating him, but Buddy was quite concerned about this intruder, and from the sounds of his fierce barking he was fully prepared to protect us all from the dangers of wild turtles. Interesting nature fact: turtles apparently have an impressive bladder reservoir, as we discovered immediately after this picture. Needless to say, Charlie was quickly returned to his natural surroundings!


Blogger Jessi said...

Eww! Bladder reservoir =P

9:41 AM  

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